Current students

  • Mike Merritt, PhD student, Applied Mathematics
  • Robin Morillo, PhD student, Applied Mathematics
  • Jiabin Yu, PhD student, Applied Mathematics

Graduate Student Alumni

  • Joseph (Joey) Hart, Extensions of Global Sensitivity Analysis: Theory, Computation, and Applications, 2018 PhD
  • Tyler Maltba: joined UC Berkeley PhD program
  • William Cousins, Boundary Conditions and Uncertainty Quantification for Hemodynamics, 2013 PhD
  • Susan Crook, Automated Shape Recognition and Curve Matching using Discrete Invariants, 2013 PhD
  • James Collins, Dimension Reduction: Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Two Applied Problems, 2010 PhD
  • Kristen DeVault, Numerical Study of Two Problems in Fluid Flow: Cavitation and Cerebral Circulation, 2008 PhD
  • Christopher M. Kuster, Fast Numerical Methods for Evolving Interfaces, 2006 PhD
  • John (Matt) V. Matthews III, An Analytical and Numerical Study of Granular Flows in Hoppers, 2000 PhD

Of note

  • Joey Hart has just joined Sandia National Lab.
  • Will Cousins is Senior Data Scientist for the Tampa Bay Rays, a job way cooler than mine… and my only former student employed by Major League Baseball. Way to go, Will!
  • Yi Sun, my former Postdoc, is doing great at the U. of South Carolina.
  • Matt Matthews is Vice Provost!