Current research and publications

A fair amount of my recent activities have been related to global sensitivity analysis. My former student Joey Hart has played a key role in this.  Here is a recent talk that will give you the flavor of what we are doing and some related pubs

  • Robustness of the Sobol’ indices to marginal distribution uncertainty, J.L. Hart, P.A. Gremaud. Accepted in SIAM/ASA J. U.Q..
  • Robustness of the Sobol’ indices to distributional uncertainty, J.L. Hart, P.A. Gremaud. Accepted in Int. J. U.Q..
  • Global Sensitivity Analysis of High Dimensional Neuroscience Models: An Example of Neurovascular Coupling, J.L. Hart, P.A. Gremaud, T. David. Bull. Math. Biol., 81 (2019), 1805–1828. draft version. 
  • Variance-based sensitivity analysis for time-dependent processes, A. Alexanderian, P.A. Gremaud, R.C. Smith. Submitted.
  • An approximation theoretic perspective of Sobol’ indices with dependent variables, J.L. Hart, P.A. Gremaud. Int. J. UQ, 8 (2018), 483–493.
  • Efficient computation of Sobol’ indices for stochastic models, J.L. Hart, A. Alexanderian, P.A. Gremaud. SIAM J. Sc. Comp., 39 (2017), A1514–A1530.

In collaboration with Daniel Tartakovsky, we have taken a good look at the “PDF method” and made some measurable progress

  • Methods of distributions for uncertainty quantification, D.M. Tartakovsky, P.A. Gremaud. Handbook for Uncertainty Quantification, R. Ghanem, D. Higdon and H. Owadhi (Eds.), Springer (2016).
  • Nonlocal PDF methods for Langevin equations with colored noise, T. Maltba, P.A. Gremaud, D.M. Tartakovsky. J. Comput. Phys., 367 (2018), 87–101.

Against my best judgment, I am again involved with the modeling of, and numerical methods for, granular flows

  • Constitutive relations for compressible granular flow in the inertial regime, D.G. Schaeffer, T. Barker, P.A. Gremaud, M. Shearer, D. Tsuji, J.M.N.T. Gray. J. Fluid Mech. 874 (2019), 926–951..


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